Behind the creation of the Siren Alert app for the iPhone

Innovative Hearing Solutions was created to solve the problem that deaf drivers have in that they cannot hear and immediately respond to the sounds created by approaching emergency vehicles.

As for myself, I worked for over a decade making electronic devices accessible to individuals with various forms of disabilities. Many of you are familiar with the term, “Section 508”. Several years ago during one of our presentations for "Disabilities Employment Awareness Month", I witnessed a few things that made me change course.

The speaker, who stated that she was "profoundly deaf", said that if she was standing next to a 747 she would not hear anything. But, if she was next to a Piper Cub, she would be able to hear it. The pitch of a jet engine was too high but the reciprocating engine of the Piper Cub created sounds in an audible range. I thought, what if that jet engine noise was converted to a pitch that was within an individual's audible range. Then they could hear it.

Another thing that influenced me was when I learned that when deaf individuals drive, they can be “oblivious” to the sound of emergency vehicles. It occurred to me that if ever there was a sound that a deaf person really needed to hear, that would be the sound of an approaching police car or fire engine.

With this information, it got me thinking and I began putting together a talented team with the technical backgrounds needed to solve this problem. After several years of hard work, we feel that we have developed an app for the iPhone that will make driving much safer for individuals with hearing limitations.

Your future is important. You have things to accomplish. Being in an accident because you did not hear the siren of an emergency vehicle should not be one of the risks you run in your every-day life. We want to provide you a little assurance that you will be alerted to these sirens.

App Information

The "Siren Alert" app is designed to work with the iPhone. It detects a wide variety of the most commonly used wailing sirens used by police and emergency vehicles in the United States. Once a siren is detected, Siren Alert provides both visual and tactile responses.


We have attempted to incorporate features and capabilities that would make this a very useful app for you. We cannot improve the app without hearing what the deaf community thinks of it. So, please pass along your thoughts and opinions so we can make it better. Thank you.